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Responsive design for

There is a lot of discussion these days about a new hype in web design,
creating ‘responsive websites’…

R.I.P. Steve

Today I heard the news of Steve Jobs dead. A really sad day. This man changed the way we use computers these days. As a big fan it feels like I lost someone in my family, a feeling that is as unique as the man himself.
R.I.P. Steve.

New website for Hogeschool Gent

A new version for went live.
Our main goal was to design a framework that could be used for the main website and reused for other sub-sites, with a clear and simple look.
So it needed a lot of flexibility. Check it out on

Today our live changed suddenly.

Today our live changed suddenly.
Our son Nand is born after a few intense weeks. Thank you God!
His birth won't pass just like that, since he made the world shake in Japan…

Introducing CHILI publisher

CHILI Publish builds web-based publishing software.
They focus on building powerful software you can use to service your customers. Their flagship product CHILI Publisher is a powerful online publishing engine.

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