As one of our leading partners, thisconnect is a young dynamic weg agency that specializes in creating home-made web-applications for the bigger web projects. From CRM to CMS to webshops. They handle everything a graphic designer doesn’t need to know. As an xtra bonus they host their own sites at top speed.

Company reportage, portraits, or photography for total solutions? Matuvu offers different packages, with as main target: a creative answer on your request. As an xtra service she knows how to handle and create all kinds of webprojects.

Delivering innovative IT-solutions for small and big companies. They sell, install and configure all kinds of computer hardware and software that fits your personal needs. As an xtra bonus they do SAP consultancy on demand.

Ok we made your website, but then you, the client, needs to get the content online… Get your text in time in the right language? Even if you aren’t sure about the quality, the lack of time and doubt concerning the quality is the best reason to demand for an external editor. It’s not only their profession but moreover it costs less then your expensive time.

a second partner in copywriting and project management…