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Web design

Pixelman’s speciality is creating decent professional looking websites. Every project is unique and needs a concept and design that fits the main goal of the project. In conjunction with the client we search for the best answer to the question.

Web development & consultancy

A design needs to be converted to responsive web-templates. So it looks perfect on your smartphone, tablet, way up to your big iMac screen. Every template is hand made and can be integrated in any kind of application. Today every website needs a good ‘engine’. A system that runs in a browser and helps you to manage the content of your website. In our business they call it a ‘CMS’. Short for ‘Content Management System’. Expression Engine is our main (CMS) engine for most of the webprojects. But Craft looks very promising…

web hosting

When it comes to finding a perfect home for your website. We can help as well. Together with some partners we offer several flexibel packages of web hosting.

graphic design

Any great project needs more then just a website. As a graphic designer Pixelman can also help in traditional print communication. We handle all kinds of publications. Sometimes you need a new logo, styleguide, brochure, packaging, presentation, etc… that fits your message.